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Events of the day include ordering pizza for my own birthday (although it's tomorrow), calling my dad to wish him a happy birthday, and ignoring someone who's been trying to talk to me of Facebook for the second time, because I barely know him, even though I know he isn't trying to hit on me, and I probably initiated this by friending him.

Life seems to repeat itself.

Feb. 23rd, 2011

It's my birthday soon, tra la la!

Writer's Block: Songs of patriotism

If you were a country, what would be your national anthem?

I've already told people Bobby Untitled by Nicky Wire should be the world's anthem, because I love it so much, so I'll go with that.

I just love it. Every line, every phrase sung, etc.

Took this meme from talkingtocactus :)


Feb. 20th, 2011

My nose is going all 'Pfft, as if I'd let you breathe!' on me.
I miss... not going out in the normal sense, I've been to a café the other day, but I miss going on actual trips, like last year, when I went to Emek Hachula which is in the north. I got to photograph more museum exhibits than the actual animals in their habitat, but whatever.

I reallly need this. I've been feeling so gloomy and I know what would make me happy, I just don't have it here.
I came up with a new term, excited hands syndrome. It's when I'm really going on about something, and I concentrate on thinking about that thing, I already gave the speech in my head, and I sort of remember what I was saying vaguely, and I can type say, 'a boat' instead of 'about' or write another word from the same text twice or whatever because I'm already past it, thinking about something else, and I'm not looking at the screen or at the keyboard while I type.

Idea taken from Nicky, who thinks he has 'Alcohol floppy neck syndrome'. Whatever, queen.

Yeah, I'm freaking stepping my own personal boundaries over more than one issue here. It's against everything I thought was acceptable to do or say through the years.

I need SOME kind of help, it's just that the professionals I've talked to always believe I'm more innocuous than I say I am. Who'd count on the mentally ill, hah.